Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's a pretty quiet weekend here in Burlington, but it is nice to have some downtime after the craziness of this past week.  And, I went on a run and did an ab workout today!!  I've finally recovered (mostly) from my soreness after doing chiefs on Tuesday, and it felt good to be out and active this afternoon.  Originally, I wanted to try and run a marathon this spring, but I decided I don't really have time now to be training that much.  So I think I'll just see where I am this summer and maybe try and run a couple road races then.  

If you haven't seen this yet, check it out - Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama present the Evolution of Mom Dancing

Some musical inspiration:
When I saw Mumford & Sons in August, there were a number of other bands that played over the course of the day, including Dawes.  I hadn't heard their music before the show, but I love their song "When My Time Comes."  I'm bummed that they'll be coming to Burlington when I am in Georgia, but I'll have to see them another time.   

I've also started playing my flute more in preparation for playing a little at Fletcher Allen Hospital!  I'm excited to have the chance to play because I haven't really gotten to since this summer.  I know it sounds cheesy and might be hard to understand if you don't play an instrument, but I really do think that sometimes, music is the best way to convey our emotions and express deep feelings. 

Off to make's a pictures of sleeping sea otters holding hands so they don't lose each other (aka the cutest thing ever.)  Happy rest of the weekend!


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