Saturday, February 9, 2013

False Alarm

Well, after a (very) brief foray into the world of Tumblr, I've returned back to the original sunnyside.  Tumblr seems a little too similar to Twitter and Instagram, and for now I'd like to keep all those parts of my social-networking life separate.  There are just way too many options for online sharing!  Anyways, I guess I realized that I'd rather use my blog, when I use it, as a place to share slightly longer musings on happy and exciting life events, or my way of spinning things to see the sunny side. 

At the end of February, I'll be coming up on 6 months in Burlington!!  Kind of hard to believe...time has absolutely flown by since this fall.  I still feel like I have a lot more of this city to experience, mostly involving nightlife.  But I don't feel too bad about that.  At Middlebury, it was always a task to get motivated enough to go out on cold nights, and when you're not living a five minute walk away from your end destination and don't have friends urging you to get ready, it's even harder to get excited about going outside.  This will be my first Vermont summer though (I know, looking ahead quite a bit), so there is definitely still lots of time for exploration.

Well, this week is Valentine's Day.  And honestly, between the Super Bowl last week and February 14th, I'll be pretty excited for March...sorry if I sound scrouge-like.  I just am not a huge football fan (but gotta love Beyonc√©).  However, I do love love.  I love romantic comedies, cute "how I met him/her" stories, small thoughtful gestures.  And really, I've been pretty ok with being single these past few months.  But when every ad in the newspaper or commercial on TV is Valentine's themed and when everything is pink and red and decorated with hearts, it's a little hard to grin and bear the solitude.  I think being alone, and even being lonely, can be good for you.  It makes you think - about what you want out of life, out of relationships, out of the activities you do in your spare time.  Mostly, it gives you the opportunity to do what makes you happy.  And I think I have also had the chance to realize who matters to me most in my life and solidify and enjoy amazing friendships.  So, this Thursday, I'll be sending my love out to my friends and family who have make my life better every day and who help me see the positive side of things even when it's hard.  Here's to a year full of happiness and love and kindness and beauty. 

And now, for some more uplifting little gems.  Some of these are repeats from my Tumblr, but there are worth repeating because they're just that good:

Great Commercials:
-slinky on an escalator, can't help but giggle at that laugh:
-Pampers beautiful mornings, these babies are just too much:
-Kaley Cuoco and one of my theme songs - who doesn't wish they were a little bit taller?:

Songs I've Been Enjoying:
-Ke$ha, one of my favorites, and an overall awesome video for C'mon:
-I recently watched Pitch Perfect for the first time.  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend watching.  The music is great and it was just a really fun movie.  Here are two of my favorites: Cups (the original, by Lulu and the Lampshades, although Anna Kendrick (Mainer!!) is also great), such great harmonies and I used to (ok, confession, still do) love doing the cup thing.  And the Bella's final performance mash up, but really, you should just watch the movie. 

Well, that's enough for now, and I promise to be back sooner than last time!  PEACE.

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