Friday, August 10, 2012

on my mind

1.  I just finished watching the last episode of season two of Downton Abbey - so amazing!  I am beyond excited for the start of the next season.  If you have not yet gotten hooked on this show, I'd recommend starting to watch it immediately.  Every episode is jam-packed with great early 20th century drama, and it's fun and exciting.  And I'm also looking forward to all my other shows being back on the air this fall.
2.  Two major racewalking events are tomorrow, so I'm going to try and tune in for those.  Here's an interesting article from the NYTimes about controversy with officiating the racewalk.  Having been disqualified once from a race, I can tell you that it's really hard to walk quickly without violating the rules.  The idea of shoe alarms seems pretty cool, so maybe that's where the sport will go in the future.
3.  It's hard to believe it's already almost the middle of August!  I am starting to get ready for my move to Vermont.  I just brought up our old kitchen table from the basement and am trying to refinish it/eliminate some of the arts and crafts remnants stuck to the surface.  It's a bit of an undertaking, but if successful, I will post some before and after pictures.
4.  Posted this on facebook, but I LOVE this song and have been listening to it (almost) non-stop after hearing it on NBC primetime Olympics coverage.  Home by Phillip Phillips

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