Monday, August 6, 2012

life in pictures

As a change, here's a collection of recent pictures.  And, as a disclaimer, these look sort of instagram-y/wannabe hipster/retro...really though, my camera is just kind of broken.

A super cool beetle from the Insectarium in Montréal.  There were so many amazing (live and dead) insects.  One of my favorite parts was a terrarium filled with mini walking sticks from Malaysia!  So cute!

Beautiful white orchids at the Montréal Botanical Gardens.  There was a whole greenhouse full of orchids that were all lovely.  Better than the garden full of poisonous plants!

MUMFORD & SONS!  Portland, Maine was one of four cities chosen as stopovers for their US tour.  They played as part of an all-day music festival with other bands, and it was an amazing show.  The Eastern Prom was converted into a seaside concert venue, and watching music while overlooking the ocean at sunset was pretty amazing.  They played a lot of songs from Sigh No More, as well as some of their newer stuff.  Here's a link to Lover of the Light, a song I hadn't heard before.  And the show ended with fireworks, always a plus!

Just another day at the beach!  It has been hot and humid in Maine, so I cooled off today at Crescent Beach.  Despite the huge waves, gusty wind, and sand blowing everywhere, it was still a beautiful day on the ocean.

As a side note - I had a great time in Vermont/Canada last week, especially hanging out at Midd and watching the Olympics!  And, if you're ever looking for a cheap thrill in Burlington, check out the Lake Champlain chocolate factory.  They give free tours that include samples!  That's all for now, be back soon.

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