Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Begins

Today, I came home after a long day in the lab, slightly flustered from my bike home and from rushing to get ready to drive down to Midd.  I opened my mailbox to find a package, which I had sent, saying I needed more postage (even though I had gone to the post office to get it weighed).  It was after 5, but I drove by the post office to see what the hours were.  There happened to be a postman there, picking up mail to put in his truck.  I went inside to use the self pay machines, since the window wasn't open, and, after reweighing the package, got the same $1.10.  During the weighing process, the postman came in and asked me about my shirt - Beach to Beacon - wondering where Cape Elizabeth was in Maine.  We chatted for a minute, then he went back outside.  After getting the exact same weight, I went out, frustrated, and asked the postman for advice.  He offered to take my package to the office downtown, have it weighed, and said if it needed a couple more cents he would make sure it got sent.  I wrote out this whole story because this friendly postman made my day, and made an annoyance less annoying.  It's great to happen upon genuinely nice people.

Other news: I had a fun weekend home in Maine for the long weekend.  It was nice to have a couple days to hang out.  The drive back was long because of all the Labor Day traffic, but I discovered how great listening to NPR is.  So much news!  I got a good 90 minutes in before the news started looping.  I think this will make up a good chunk of my commuting listening this fall.  I'm feeling more settled, as my cupboards gradually become less depressingly empty and I unpack most of my stuff.  I was down at Midd today, and it was surreal to see the incoming freshmen moving in.  That day seems like more than four years ago, but at the same time, I really can't believe I won't be a student this fall.

And finally, here are some great songs.
Settle Down by No Doubt
Pound the Alarm by Nicki Minaj (disclaimer: kind of crazy music video)

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  1. NPR while driving to crew practice!! Brings back good ol' memories : )