Sunday, March 2, 2014

"march"-ing ahead

I'm pretty good at being optimistic and seeing the sunny side of life and just generally rolling with the punches - hence the name of this blog.  Even so, I have days where I feel sad or overly tired or just a little down, and on those days, I turn to music.  This post is in honor of some of the songs I have been listening to a lot recently (both new and not-so-new).  I enjoy a pretty wide range of music and musical styles, so playlists that I make are often a bit eclectic - but here it goes:

happy songs for spring 2014
Hang With Me by Robyn
Pumpin Blood by NONONO
Mmm Yeah by Austin Mahone
What I Wouldn't Do by Serena Ryder
Move by Little Mix
Chocolate by The 1975

I'm also really looking forward to seeing Josh Ritter play at Bates tonight!  I'll have to give a review of the concert afterwards. 

And I wrote about it before, but I got my Stitch Fix last week!  I think I had slightly unrealistically high expectations, plus it arrived at a time when I was trying to not spend money, so I was a little disappointed.  But I ended up keeping a bright pink, kind of slinky shirt that I think would look nice dressed down or dressed up.  It'll be a good addition to my "fancier/grown-up" clothing collection that I'm trying to expand. 

Finally, a few things I'm excited about: Chili Fest in Middlebury next weekend, a pile of good books to read, Florida sunshine ( >3 weeks away!)...I'm sure there are more, but that's plenty of happiness for now!  Peace, and have a fabulous first week of March!

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