Sunday, February 2, 2014

hi there february, let's do this.

Pretty VT views on a Saturday snowshoe
Thanks for helping make January 2014 keep on the sunny side's second most popular month ever!  Now we're on to February - inching closer to springtime and summer.  Even though Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, I couldn't see mine today in Vermont, so I'm going to believe that winter is coming to a close. 

Here are two interesting articles I read in the NYTimes recently.  The first is about sloths and how they have adapted to survive their very unique lifestyle.  And the second is about obesity, specifically understanding when in life obesity begins, and how body weight changes over time.  Check them out.

Last week, I talked about making my lentil dish.  It was ok, not one of my favorites.  But I made a yummy turkey pot pie last night.  So here are some food pictures, as well as a few other photos from my week. 

The lentils.  Not bad, but not my fave.

Yummy and cozy turkey pot pie


  Friday Outfit, wearing a Lopi sweater my mom knit back in the day!

Lastly, a couple songs.  From This Valley by The Civil Wars and I Will Remain by Matthew & The Atlas.  Also, I'm pretty sure I've already written about Songza on my blog, but just to reiterate - it's amazing!  "Handclapping & Footstomping" is one of my favorite playlists, but there are many, many great ones.  If you don't use it, give it a try and you'll be hooked.  

Now, I'm off to watch some Sherlock (new to the show, but enjoying it so far).  Happy beginning of February!!

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