Wednesday, January 22, 2014

this is the new year

We are now well into 2014!  The new year has been busy but also fun, and I'm excited about what all is in store for the upcoming 11 months.  Here are some highlights from my first few weeks.
-I purchased a grown up wallet.  It will be especially nice to not hand over folded and crumpled bills.  Also, it's metallic, which is pretty amazing.  Real world, get ready.
-I signed up for Stitch Fix.  I think it has recently become a lot more popular, so my "fix" won't be coming until the end of February, but I'm still excited.  Here's the premise: You fill out an online style profile, which is a lot of fun and includes your sizes, what types of styles you like, what items you would prefer, etc.  Then, a stylist reviews this and sends you 5 items in the mail on your scheduled date.  This costs $20, but if you decide you want to keep/purchase at least one of the items, the $20 is applied to the cost.  Then, you send back whatever you don't want (shipping is free!).  You can get fixes as frequently or infrequently as you want...I signed up for one but opted out of the once a month option.  I'll check back in with my thoughts about what I receive, but in the meantime I'm eagerly awaiting my first shipment!  Also, here's the link if you're interested, because if you sign up then I get a credit :)
-I have a pretty great pink crop top sweatshirt from H&M.  Basically one of the best articles of clothing I've ever owned.  I think it's also the first crop top I've owned, other than shirts that I accidentally shrank, and my life has certainly changed just a bit.
-I saw Dallas Buyer's Club last weekend.  I'd highly recommend it - very interesting and great acting.
-This is a sort of negative highlight, but the high temperature today was -2 in Burlington!  So cold!  The forecasted low for tonight is -18.  It's the kind of cold that makes your legs hurt when you walk outside, but it also makes me feel pretty intense. Almost like living in the Arctic. 
-I've gotten to see a lot of good friends in the last few weeks, which has been awesome. 
-And finally, here are a few fun, happy songs for your Wednesday night:
Life is Better With You by Michael Franti
The Wire by Haim
Happy by Pharrell Williams (from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, watched it twice over vacation!)

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