Sunday, November 24, 2013

could it be? a sunnyside post?

Posting on this blog right now is a daunting task.  How am I supposed to account for months and months of sunnyside-ness in a single entry?  I have been away too long, and even though I have lots of stuff I could post, how do I choose?  Which happy songs or cool videos or random thoughts should have the honor of appearing in this post, my first since March?  Well, I have no answers, so I guess I will just have to pick a few, and try and share the sunnyside a bit more frequently.  Life is slightly less busy than normal right now, and there is much to be sunny about, so I shall do my best!

-I recently finished a great book, The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown.  It tells the story of the Men's 8+ from the University of Washington who took the gold medal at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.  I had heard a bunch of positive reviews, and I'm so glad I read it.  Having seen parts of the rowing and coaching side of the sport, the book is especially relevant and interesting, and the poetic descriptions of rowing make me miss the feeling of rowing as part of an 8.  It is always great to be reading for pleasure, and I hope to do a lot of it this winter.  Suggestions are welcome!
-It has been chilly recently, which I am honestly not super thrilled about, but it does mean that it's now acceptable knitting weather!  And also that I can watch Love Actually, Elf, and all my other holiday favorites.  There was some snow and ice in Burlington last night, which made for nasty roads, but I am starting to get in the winter spirit.  Slowly but surely.
-Thanksgiving is this week.  It's one of my favorite holidays, and is a great time to relax and reflect.  Of course, I also love all the wonderful food.  Pies of all sorts, stuffing, veggies...lots of favorites.  I am mentally and physically preparing myself for the end of the week!  And also, taking time to remember all the amazing things in my life I am thankful for. 
-It is almost grapefruit season.  Which, if I remember correctly, was one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place.  I love grapefruits.   And I can't wait to eat lots and lots of them this winter. 
-Probably the most exciting thing is that I definitely will be attending med school this fall!  If you're reading this, chances are you already knew, but sometimes I have to remind myself that it's actually happening.  I feel so fortunate to know already, and it takes a lot of pressure off.  I also have loved having a break from school these last 18 months or so, and I know I'll be ready come next August.

And finally, some of my favorite new(ish) music:
-Unconditionally by Katy Perry.  She's not always my favorite, but for some reason I really like this song.
-Timber by Pitbull/Ke$ha.  If you've talked to me recently, chances are I've raved about this song.
-Basically all the music from the Nashville soundtrack.  I like the show a lot, and the music is great.  Check it out.  

Well I always say it, but hopefully this will be the first of more frequent posts to come.  Here's to a happy Thanksgiving!  Safe travels and warm wishes!  And I posted this on facebook, but I have awesome stamps and would love to send letters if you're interested!  Peace and love. 

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