Monday, May 2, 2011


It's the last week of classes.  Crazy.  I'm excited for: Maine, the ocean, warm weather, having free time.  But I'm not so psyched about: finals, (almost) being a senior, leaving friends behind.  I really can't believe it's already been three years.  That being said, I'm set on having a great final three weeks.

This past weekend was the New England Rowing Championships, our last main regatta for the season.  It was a beautiful day and a great way to end the spring.  Crossing the finish line after our second race was the first time I have cried at crew out of happiness.  There really isn't anything like a 2k.

So.  It's back to work as the deadlines draw nearer.  If you're in need of some procrastination, though, here's a great website:  It's like stumbleupon but only cute videos.  And here's my sunny side advice for finals week:
-listen to good music
-take walks outside (when it's sunny)
-sit down for meals in the dining hall/enjoy the company of friends
-don't stress, because it really all matters a lot less than you think. 
And some happy little easter chicks.  Enjoy :)

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