Wednesday, March 7, 2012

stressful week

One of the worst things: how life is pretty under control, and then all of a sudden everything hits at the same time.  This week is pretty nuts...but it's finally Wednesday meaning the weekend is in sight!

I'm SO SO SO excited for this weekend.  We're hosting the sectionals round of the NCAA D3 men's basketball tournament, meaning we are playing Friday night and maybe Saturday.  The games should be really fun.  It is also the Chili Festival in Middlebury, so much of my Saturday afternoon will be spent sampling chili.  And it's the 100 days party!!  But there are really ~80 days left until graduation, which I cannot believe.

Also spring ahead is on Sunday.  Usually this is my least favorite day, but I'm looking forward to having more sunlight in the evenings.

Courtesy of Robin: one of the cutest videos ever.  Sloths are the best.

Gotta go return to the homework, but with this insane 50+ degree weather, it's impossible not to be on the sunny side!  Happy end of the week!

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