Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So the end of JTerm is drawing near. It's been lots of fun this year, with much snow, hockey, knitting, relaxing meals, Beethoven, and interesting reading. Public Heath Policy has been a great class, and I've enjoyed learning about a variety of issues. Mostly, though, it's been great to have time to play and enjoy life. I just finished my fingerless glove mitten things (glittens?) and I think I'm addicted to knitting. I might need to break this addiction before second semester starts, but for now it's a most wonderful pastime.

In other news: I am very sad to be leaving the wonderful double, but I'll be moving into a new single for the spring. I'm going to miss my dear Robin, but I know New Zealand will be a most excellent adventure.

Now, off to bed before the big presentation on Eastern Equine Encephalitis tomorrow! Can't wait for the temperatures to make it back into the 20's :)

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